5 Tips to Limit Stress During the Holidays

5 Ways to Manage Stress During the Holidays


by Dr. Gurj Kalay

Whether you’re a host to family coming to visit or you’re traveling to visit family, the holiday season can be a stressful time for a lot of us. To ensure a great holiday season this year and keep your stress levels low, consider these five tips.

Make a Plan

The holidays often involve many activities, parties, and obligations that can quickly become overwhelming. Creating a plan of action will help you better manage your to-dos while reducing stress. Break down the tasks into smaller steps and assign each task to specific days on your calendar. Keeping a calendar of holiday activities and parties will help you limit your stress by knowing what is upcoming.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It is easy to stay up late during the holidays, but getting enough sleep will help reduce stress and keep your energy levels up. Aim for an average of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Staying on a consistent sleeping schedule will help you remain productive throughout the holiday season without feeling overwhelmed.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising during the holidays can help keep stress levels low by releasing endorphins and improving your mood. Regular exercise can also help reduce fatigue throughout the day, so you’re more likely to stay on top of your tasks. Make time for a daily walk or try a new workout class at a local gym or fitness center.

Get Adjusted

Receiving a chiropractic adjustment can help reduce stress and tension throughout your body. By improving the function of your nervous system, chiropractic adjustments can decrease stress hormones in your body and increase serotonin levels, leading to improved moods.

Create Healthy Boundaries

The holidays are a busy time of year and it’s important to take care of yourself and create healthy boundaries. Schedule some “me time” for yourself each day where you can relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the season. Let your family know if you need a break, or politely decline an invitation if it is too overwhelming. Keeping a clear boundary on activities will help you remain stress-free throughout the holidays.

Set Realistic Expectations

Many people put pressure on themselves to make the holidays perfect, but setting realistic expectations can help improve your outlook and reduce stress. Thinking positively about the holiday season will also make it more enjoyable for everyone. Delegate tasks when possible or opt for a smaller gathering instead of an elaborate party to keep your expectations in check.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season

By following these five tips, you can make the most out of your holiday season while keeping stress levels low. Make sure to take care of yourself during this busy time and enjoy the joys of the season!


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