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Chiropractic Care for Stress

In today’s busy world, stress is a normal part of everyday life. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we face different stressing situations that trigger a sense of anxiety and unease in the face of the unknown.

Whether you’re studying for exams, preparing a work presentation, dealing with a painful break-up, or thinking about moving to a new place, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. When not appropriately managed, prolonged stress can affect the overall quality of your mental and physical health. If you feel stressed, you can take steps to feel better and tip the balance in a more positive direction.

How Is Chiropractic Care Connected to Stress?

The warning signs of stress include tension in your shoulders and neck. When someone is under stress, it’s likely that they will grip their muscles in an unnatural position, creating pressure that weighs on the bones.

A chiropractor is well-equipped to provide regular chiropractic adjustments for stress to relieve tension in the body and resolve other stress-related issues. They work on and around the spinal column, which is the base from which stress and anxiety radiate through the body. This relieves the uneven pressures that result from prolonged muscle tension, relaxing your entire system for evident stress reduction and better health.

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Stress Chiropractor Near You

At Yuba Sutter Chiropractic, your needs come first. We use the latest techniques, technology, and equipment to keep you relaxed while helping you feel better.

To find out more about how chiropractic care can help your anxiety or stress levels, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gurj Kalay. We look forward to helping you relieve all the pent-up stress in your system.

What We Do for Stress

Proper spinal alignment is the first step in reducing stress symptoms. When you walk into our Yuba City chiropractic practice, Dr. Gurj Kalay will do an in-depth assessment to determine specific areas of misalignment and design a personalized treatment plan that includes chiropractic adjustments, relaxation techniques, exercise, and other strategies to reduce stress and allow your body to heal.

Chiropractic care can help you:

  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Elevate your mood
  • Make you feel more energetic
  • Help you feel relaxed and sleep better
  • Reduce headaches and lower back pain relief that create emotional stress on a person
Stress Chiropractor

We may also recommend ergonomic advice, dietary recommendations along with lifestyle modifications to help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being in the long-term.

Long-Term Care for Stress

Stress being a normal part of everyday life cannot be eliminated. What you can do is find strategies to better manage it and reduce its impact on your spine and overall quality of life. Chiropractic care for stress as a long-term plan can provide an excellent complementary approach to working with your chiropractor and incorporating the right stress-management strategies for reducing stress over time.

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