Sports Physicals

How Does A Chiropractor Help with a Sports Physical?


by Dr. Gurj Kalay

As a licensed chiropractor in Yuba City, I have a deep understanding of the complex interplay between all systems within the human body. This comprehensive knowledge is crucial when working with athletes, particularly when conducting sports physicals. Sports physicals, or pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal health and performance of an athlete. The last thing you want is your child getting injured while playing a school sport – this is where I step into make sure they pass a physical and are ready to play.

Why Are Sports Physicals Needed?

Sports physicals are essentially a series of tests and evaluations that determine the physical readiness of an athlete to engage in their chosen sport. These tests are conducted before the start of a sports season or when beginning a new sport. The objectives of a sports physical are three-fold:

  • To pinpoint potential health concerns or injury risks
  • To gain a thorough understanding of the athlete’s health history
  • To affirm that the athlete is in a state of good health to participate in their sport safely

Our training as chiropractors enables us to spot physical anomalies or weaknesses that could potentially cause an injury or reduce performance.

What Do Chiropractors Bring to the Table for Sports Physicals?

As chiropractors, we play a crucial role in sports physicals, which can be categorized under three main headings:

  1. All-encompassing Evaluation: We conduct a detailed physical examination to evaluate an athlete’s health and fitness level. This includes a thorough evaluation of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems.
  2. Proactive Injury Prevention: By comprehending an athlete’s body mechanics and identifying possible weaknesses, we provide recommendations for exercises and techniques that can strengthen areas of vulnerability and prevent injury.
  3. Enhancing Performance: Our expertise allows us to improve joint flexibility and alignment, and provide nutritional advice, all of which can contribute to enhanced performance for athletes.

Our Approach to Conducting a Sports Physical

Our methodology for conducting a sports physical examination follows a structured format:

Medical History:

We begin with a thorough review of the athlete’s medical history, covering:

  • Past injuries or surgeries
  • Chronic or recent illnesses
  • Current medications
  • Family history of major diseases

Physical Examination:

This encompasses an in-depth examination of the athlete’s body. We examine:

  • Heart and lung function
  • Joint flexibility and alignment
  • Musculoskeletal structure for abnormalities
  • Reflexes and strength


Depending on the results of the examination, we may suggest follow-up appointments for further treatment, or recommend exercises to help prevent injury and enhance performance.

Why Choose Yuba Sutter Chiropractic for a Sports Physical?

At Yuba Sutter Chiropractic, we provide many advantages for sports physicals:

  • Holistic Viewpoint: We believe that the body is an interconnected system, and as such, our approach to sports physicals is comprehensive, taking into account all aspects of an athlete’s physical and mental health.
  • Individualized Care: We understand that every athlete’s body is unique. As a result, we offer tailored recommendations based on each athlete’s individual physical characteristics and sporting requirements.
  • Expert Guidance: We are specialists in body mechanics, and provide advice to improve performance and avoid injuries.
  • Non-Invasive Care: Our non-invasive techniques can be an effective alternative to medication or surgery.

A sports physical conducted by a Dr. Kalay offers a comprehensive, individualized, and proactive approach to athletic health. Student athletes, schools and sports organizations can all benefit from the specialized care we provide and as parents, you can rest assured your kids are ready to play sports without risking a serious injury. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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